Google Review Filter

Google Review Filter

$30.00 / month



Introducing our Google Review Filter tool! This innovative solution helps manage your online reputation by guiding customers based on their review ratings.

How It Works:

  • If a customer clicks on 3 stars or less, they will be directed to a feedback form.
  • If a customer clicks on 4 stars or more, they will be redirected to your Google Review page.


  • Can be implemented directly into your website or hosted by us.
  • Easily added to QR codes, making it accessible via smartphones.
  • Perfect for including in emails when requesting reviews.
  • Compatible with NFC tags for seamless integration.

This tool is available as a monthly subscription, offering continuous support and updates.

Want to see it in action? Click HERE to test it out.

This tool effectively filters out reviews that are 3 stars or less, ensuring only positive feedback appears on your Google Reviews.